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High School Admissions

The Association of Catholic Admission Directors (ACAD) is proud to present the 2022-2023 Catholic High School Directory. This directory is a collaborative effort of the Admission Directors from the 20 ACAD member high schools within the Diocese of Cleveland. 

2022 Diocese of Cleveland Admissions Timeline

The timeline outlines important dates that apply to eighth graders enrolled in a Catholic school in the Diocese of Cleveland. Students not enrolled in a Catholic school should contact the high school(s) in which they are interested to learn about specific deadlines and admissions procedures/requirements.

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Download the Assocation of Catholic Admissions Directors (ACAD) 2022-23 Catholic High School directory

In addition to the information contained on this page, the directory has information on open houses, admission/scholarship testing dates and more.

Each Catholic high school provides an outstanding education within the context of the Catholic faith tradition. While similar, each school is different with its unique mission, curriculum and extracurricular opportunities. As you consider your options, we recommend reviewing the grid on pages 6 and 7 for an overview of each school, then directly contacting the schools for more information. We also recommend that you attend Open Houses and other programs offered by the individual schools.

Download the ACAD

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