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Offices Catholic Education Tuition Assistance and Scholarships

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Tuition Assistance & Scholarships

Give and gifts will be given to you; a good measure, packed together, shaken down, and overflowing will be poured into your lap. (Luke 6:38)

The Diocese of Cleveland understands that Catholic education is an investment in the future of our children and in our faith. Unsurpassed academic achievement, along with the reinforcement of Catholic faith and formation, a Catholic education provides a solid foundation for personal success. Making the decision to provide a student with these foundations also coincides with financial sacrifice. Please read on to learn about several options to defray the cost of tuition.

 Guide to Tuition Assistance 

Diocesan Scholarships

View several additional Diocesan scholarship opportunities, their eligibility criteria, and application instructions.

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The Educational Choice Scholarship (EdChoice) Program provides a state-funded tuition scholarship that could cover a portion or, in some cases, the full-cost of their Catholic school education. This amount could be as much as $6,165/year for children in grades K-8, and $8,407/year for children in grades 9-12.

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Emergency Tuition Assistance

Has your family experienced an unexpected change in your financial standing due to a job loss, death in the family, or medical emergency? Visit this page for instructions about how to apply for emergency tuition assistance.

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Need-Based Tuition Assistance

Thanks to the generosity of donors throughout the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland, Catholic school students can qualify for tuition assistance based on their demonstrated financial need. Learn more about Diocesan Need-Based Tuition Assistance and Local Need-Based Tuition Assistance provided by your child’s specific Catholic school.

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State Scholarships

The State of Ohio provides tuition scholarships for eligible students based on financial need, public school district of residence, or special learning needs. Learn more about the range of State Scholarships that exist to support a parent’s right to choose the best possible school for their child.

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Other Options

Ohio’s 529 Savings Plan can be used to pay for your child’s Catholic school tuition.

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