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Deacon Jubilees

We thank our permanent deacons for their service and ministry to the people of the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland and offer our heartfelt congratulations and prayers to them!


40th Anniversary ordained on June 6, 1981

Piechowski kenneth

Deacon Kenneth J. Piechowski

Simon fredrick

Deacon Fredrick F. Simon

Deaceased members of the class:

Deacon James J. Duffy
Deacon William A. Love
Deacon John A. Paroff
Deacon Terry W. Peacock
Deacon Charles S. Pullium

35th Anniversary ordained on May 31, 1986

Beercheck richard

Deacon Richard C. Beercheck

Degracia jose

Deacon Jose A. DeGracia

Dillon edward

Deacon Edward R. Dillon

Litke joseph

Deacon Joseph P. Litke

Somrack lawrence

Deacon Lawrence A. Somrack

Picture not available:

Ordained on June 21, 1986

Deacon Miguel Figueroa
Deacon Jose A. Flores
Deacon Ceferino Medina
Deacon Carlos Rivera
Deacon Epifanio Torres

Deceased members of the class:

Deacon Charles C. Girard
Deacon Donald W. Lobdell
Deacon James E. Petrus
Deacon Martin A. Thiel
Deacon Tomas Badillo
Deacon Rafael Quiles
Deacon Alfonso Rodriguez
Deacon Prudencio Vicens

30th Anniversary ordained on May 18, 1991

Matoney robert

Deacon Robert J. Matoney, Jr.

Wilson francis

Deacon Francis B. Wilson

Deceased member of the class:

Deacon William E. Schill

25th Anniversary ordained on May 18, 1996

Dehaas thomas

Deacon Thomas B. deHaas, Jr.

Knight kenneth

Deacon Kenneth Knight

Sheridan thomas

Deacon Thomas J. Sheridan

Synder wayne

Deacon Wayne W. Snyder

Zdolshek john

Deacon John R. Zdolshek

Picture not available: 

Deacon Ignacio Miranda

Deceased member of the class:

Deacon Lee F. Hinderscheid
Deacon James C. Vincent
Deacon Mario Vinciguerra

20th Anniversary ordained on May 12, 2001

Armstrong james

Deacon James J. Armstrong

Jervis michael

Deacon Michael F. Jervis

Kipfstuhl paul

Deacon Paul J. Kipfstuhl

Youngblood dale

Deacon Dale A. Youngblood

Deceased member of the class: Deacon Clement G. Klingshirn

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