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Religious Jubilees

We thank the religious women and men for their service and ministry to the diocese and offer our heartfelt congratulations and prayers to them!

75th Jubilee

Frohnapple snd

Sr. Mary Ronauld Frohnapple, SND

Robinson op

Sr. Bernadine Robinson, OP

70th Jubilee

Badzik osu

Sr. Mary Benedict Badzik, OSU

Collins osu

Sr. Eileen Mary Collins, OSU

Pastva snd

Sr. Mary Loretta Pastva, SND

Shealey csj

Sr. Juanita Shealey, CSJ

Sterle osu

Sr. Mary Sterle, OSU

Turocy osu

Sr. M. Therese Martin Turocy, OSU

Vasko osu

Sr. M. Lucia Vasko, OSU

60th Jubilee

60 baechle snd

Sr. Mary Elaine Baechle, SND

60 chevrier op

Sr. Mary Karen Chevrier, OP

60 cooney osu

Sr. Kathleen Cooney, OSU

60 corbett snd

Sr. Grace Mary Corbett, SND

60 dunn hm

Sr. Margaret Dunn, HM

60 grady snd

Sr. Mary Therese Grady, SND

60 griesmar snd

Sr. Mary Patricia Griesmar, SND

60 griswold hm

Sr. Carole Anne Griswold, HM

60 kostiha osu

Sr. M. Ann Letitia Kostiha, OSU

60 lyons snd

Sr. Mary Kathleen Lyons, SND

60 macko op

Sr. Denise Macko, OP

60 nativio snd

Sr. Mary Sandra Nativio, SND

60 reesing snd

Sr. Mary Virginia Reesing, SND

60 strathern snd

Sr. Mary Jean Strathern, SND

60 zeitz snd

Sr. Joanne Marie Zeitz, SND

Stanley zubik sm

Bro. Stanley Zubek, SM

Pictures not available:

  • Sr. Josette Obodzinski, CSFN
  • Sr. Mary Schrader, CSJ
  • Sr. Rita Petruziello, CSJ 
  • Sr. Sue Imburgia, CSJ
  • Sr. Patricia Adams, CSJ
  • Sr. Mary Thomas, PCPA
  • Br. Edward Libbers, CSC
  • Br. Joseph Lebon, CSC

50th Jubilee

Boehnlein snd

Sr. Mary Julie Boehnlein, SND

Greggila snd

Sr. Mary Paula Greggila, SND

Groh snd

Sr. Mary Sean Groh, SND

Petkash sj

Fr. Donald Petkash, SJ

Solma hm

Sr. Annette Solma, HM

25th Jubilee

Bernier ofm

Fr. Philip Bernier, OFM Cap

Kyara aj

Fr. Bernard Kyara, AJ

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