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FORMED Empowers Catholics

Empower your parish as individuals, small groups or large classrooms by using FORMED.

FORMED discipleship studies, video teachings, community builders and engaging audio stories transform weekly parish meetings into dynamic gatherings of spiritual growth and connectivity.

FORMED has a huge library with various formats of content – all at the touch of a mobile app. There are individual prayers, studies and videos – or – interactive resources for parishes to use in multiple settings for all ages.


Welcome to FORMED. 

God is with you 24/7.  Now is the time to grow that close, personal relationship. 

This video will walk you through the WATCH - LISTEN - READ - STUDY resources within and the FORMED mobile app.  In addition, learn the various ways to incorporate materials every single day in a variety of daily actions and interactions. 

Finding the Tools 

Find the tools and inspiration you need to give your community the resources found at Guide them to engage with beautiful Catholic content, and go out to form missionary disciples of Christ.

Once you’ve identified a resource, share it with your parish through any of the templates available under LEADER RESOURCES. These can be posted to parish websites, bulletins, shared on social media and even designed into postcards, bookmarks or more. 

The Catholic Diocese of Cleveland is here to help! Each month, we'll share the TOP PICKS from FORMED to help individual parish ministries on the FORMED Overview page. 

You may also consider beginning a "FORMED Techies" ministry to assist those having difficulty setting up technology in their homes and providing technical assistance after Mass for those who bring in their phones, tablets and/or laptops.

As a subscriber of FORMED, take advantage of every opportunity to utilize the resources and share it with others.

"Mass is Heaven. Revelation is nothing what I’ve been told. This was so awesome to listen and see how Revelation is present with the mass."  Elizabeth R. on the audio book, Unlocking the Book of Revelation. 

"Great study. Going to use this as a study at our parish.  Great work." St. Lucy Parish, California testimonial of the video, The Bible and the Virgin Mary: A Biblical Introductino to Mary

"I loved this episode for giving the do’s and dont's of actually planning how to use the Reborn resource in Baptism preparation. As a teacher and as someone on a parish baptism prep committee, hearing structure options for how to do the work with excited new parents was very helpful!" Daniel M. regarding the e-book Reborn and the video companion for group study. 

Unlocking the book of revelation

Ways to Increase Engagement

As Individuals

  • Read an e-book & share what your takeaway's were 
  • Listen to a podcast in the car and dig deeper into theology
  • Has someone asked you a question on a topic? Find a resource in the mobile app
  • Spend time on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?  Spread God's Word through FORMED digital scripture messages 

As a Parish

  • Incorporate "Opening the Word" Gospel reflection weekly
  • Organize 15-20 minute faith sharing conversation after the Sunday Masses using the available series "Happiness" or "The Second Greatest Story Ever Told"
  • Feature items on the parish website, newsletter or Sunday bulletin, such as staff/pastor favorites or those that correspond with the feasts/seasons of the liturgical year
  • When visiting the sick or homebound, use prayers found on the mobile app

As a Family or Group

  • Family Fun Night trivia w/ digital games or animated videos
  • Recommend a specific resource to parents who have children in the Catholic school or PSR
  • View a short Brother Francis episode on Prayer that leads into mealtime
  • On the go? As a family, listen to the audio version of the Stations of the Cross

Support in using FORMED is available

Need assistance with FORMED? 

Staff from the diocese is available for parishe subscriptions. For questions about a subscription, contact Denise Smithberger at (216) 696-6525 ext. 8910.

Techinical support is available through FORMED and the ParishCare Help Line.  This service  supports if you are unable to access a digital resource, need assistance in editing a parish profile, support with marketing templates and more.  Contact the ParishCare Help Center at (844) 367-6331.

The diocese is working with the Augustine Institute to provide FORMED to be of greater service to parishes, with the goal of collaborating to increase evangelization and faith formation efforts.

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