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Resources for Youth Ministry

Joyfully Gifted for Youth Downloadable Videos

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Vision for Joyfully Gifted has been provided from the Year of Faith Pastoral Letter written by Most Reverend Richard G. Lennon:

“As members of the Church we are obliged to witness to our faith. Each one of us is sent into the world to joyfully witness to God’s love and our relationship with Jesus Christ.”


Joyfully Gifted Resources for Youth Ministry Committee:

The creation of these materials took the time and talent of many people.  Listed below are those on the Joyfully Gifted Resources for Youth Ministry Committee to whom we give thanks:

Terrie Baldwin Director of Evangelization, Diocese of Cleveland
Francine Costantini Coordinator of Youth Ministry, St. Barnabas, Northfield
Mark Delsander Youth and Young Adult Ministry Specialist, Catholic Charities
Terri Preskar Director of Stewardship, Catholic Community Foundation, Diocese of Cleveland
Beth Rossetti Certified Lay Ecclesial Minister, St. Justin Martyr, Eastlake
Terri Yohman Youth Minister, St. Martin of Tours, Valley City

It is our hope that you will fully explore these resource and direct any questions to:

Office of Evangelization – Terrie Baldwin
216-696-6525 (800-869-6525) x2540

Office of Stewardship – Terri Preskar
216-696-6525 (800-869-6525) x5090

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