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Elementary Schools

 “Let the little children come to me. ( Matthew 14:19)

Jesus says “Let the little children come to me.”  This message calls families of faith to the elementary schools in the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland.  Our mission is to educate your children in an atmosphere rooted in Catholic tradition and Gospel values.  We provide safe, family-centered, diverse, nurturing schools that build on a long history of academic excellence, Christian character, and service to others.  

how to apply to a catholic elementary school

Leaders in Faith Formation and Academic Excellence

We educate more than 25,000 elementary and special education students in 91 schools across the 8 Catholic school regions in northeast Ohio.  Our schools are mission-driven and data informed. Our curriculum follows the National Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS) with daily religious instruction and Catholic values infused in all subject areas. Students take the Measure of Academic Performance (MAP) tests in Reading and Math in grades K through 2, and in Reading, Language Arts, and Math in grades 2 through 8. While assessments convey our academic excellence, test scores are only one piece of information. We also consider the child; we foster spiritual, intellectual, social and physical development.

For over a century, Catholic schools have built tomorrow’s generation of leaders who understand what it means to respect others, to persevere, to be selfless, to seek justice, to be disciplined. Catholic school students are prepared to participate in the life of the Church and society through a commitment to faith, self, lifelong learning, and service to the local and global church. Catholic elementary students often continue their education in Catholic high schools, which further prepare them for success, productive careers, community leadership, and faith-filled lives with God.  The outcome of a Catholic education is unequalled.


How to Apply to a Catholic Elementary School

The first step to enrolling in a Catholic school is to contact the school directly. Schools have their own processes for application, enrollment, and tuition based on a number of factors. To find the Catholic schools near you, visit the interactive School Locator. Come and see what Cleveland’s Catholic schools have to offer. Visit your local Catholic school.

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