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High School

Let no one have contempt for your youth, but set an example for those who believe, in speech, conduct, love faith and purity (1 Timothy 4:12)

High School students enrolled in schools within the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland experience unsurpassed academic and personal success.

many diverse choices for excellent formation in secondary education

Many Diverse Choices for Excellent Formation in Secondary Education

Catholic high schools provide faith formation, a nurturing community, a family environment and communal spirit while offering a rigorous academic curriculum. United in the common mission of the formation and transformation of young people, each school operates independently, having unique charisms that are reflected in their varied curricular offerings, service opportunities, and co-curricular activities. Similarly, the schools each vary in their expectations for admissions and placement as well as their supports for student learning and social needs. Each school’s annual tuition is set independently, just as the schools have differing sources of funding and financial aid. Five are directly operated by the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland, and 15 others are owned and operated by religious orders.

All 20 schools are focused on holistic education and characterized by strong cultures of high expectations and support. These forces intertwine to produce academic results, such as a combined 99% graduation rate, with 97 percent of our graduates enrolling in higher education upon completion, and ACT results that outpace the state average. In addition to a rigorous core, these centers of excellence feature specialized academic programs, such as innovations in STEM education, pre-medical education, computer science, business and entrepreneurship, film, and broadcast journalism, as well as quality co-curricular programming and a strong ethos of local and global service.

our schools

How to Apply to a Catholic High School

To learn more about the Catholic high schools in the Diocese of Cleveland, click to view the 2018 ACAD High School Directory.

Eighth grade students enrolled in Catholic elementary schools of the Diocese of Cleveland follow a uniform admission process, with students applying to high school in January and receiving admission decisions in February. All other students (e.g. public school, charter school, other private school, home school or high school transfer students) should directly contact the high school(s) in which they are interested to learn of their application processes and timelines.

High School Transcript Request

If you are in need of your high school records because your school has closed, please complete the form HERE. Unfortunately, we do not have copies of high school diplomas, but can provide a letter verifying your graduation.

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