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High School Admissions

The Association of Catholic Admission Directors (ACAD) is proud to present the 2022-2023 Catholic High School Directory. This directory is a collaborative effort of the Admission Directors from the 20 ACAD member high schools within the Diocese of Cleveland. 

2022 Diocese of Cleveland Admissions Timeline

The timeline outlines important dates that apply to eighth graders enrolled in a Catholic school in the Diocese of Cleveland. Students not enrolled in a Catholic school should contact the high school(s) in which they are interested to learn about specific deadlines and admissions procedures/requirements.

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Download the Assocation of Catholic Admissions Directors (ACAD) 2022-23 Catholic High School directory

In addition to the information contained on this page, the directory has information on open houses, admission/scholarship testing dates and more.

Each Catholic high school provides an outstanding education within the context of the Catholic faith tradition. While similar, each school is different with its unique mission, curriculum and extracurricular opportunities. As you consider your options, we recommend reviewing the grid on pages 6 and 7 for an overview of each school, then directly contacting the schools for more information. We also recommend that you attend Open Houses and other programs offered by the individual schools.

Download the ACAD

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High school is right around the corner...

How do I start my high school selection process?

  • Review class offerings and get to know the basics about the high schools. Examine which tuition assistance programs meet your needs.
  • Inquire about the individual high school’s admissions criteria.
  • Attend Open Houses and/or High School Information Nights with your parents.
  • Call to spend a day at the high schools you are considering (shadow day).
  • Talk with parents, teachers, clergy and high school students to get their input on the school that best meets your needs spiritually, academically and socially.
  • All students from Catholic, public or charter schools take Admission Exams (Entrance, Placement and/or Scholarship) in the fall of eighth grade at Catholic high schools.
  • Maintain good grades, good conduct and good attendance. Continue to be involved in school and community events.
  • Students currently receiving Cleveland Scholarship, EdChoice, Jon Peterson or Autism Scholarship should verify that the high school they are considering participates in the program.
  • Remember that some high schools offer programs for students with special needs; however, the number of spaces is limited.
  • Begin to narrow down your list of high school choices.

How do I apply to a Catholic high school?

You will receive a Diocesan Application from your eighth grade teacher during the week of January 9, 2023, if you attend a Catholic school.

List your first-choice Catholic school on the Diocesan Application and an alternate second choice in the event your application is denied by your first choice.

The Diocesan “Quiet Period” begins on Monday, January 19, 2023, and continues to Monday, January 23, 2023. During the “Quiet Period,” Catholic secondary schools do not contact families or students. Students and families submit their high school applications through their elementary schools, which process each applicant’s file. Once the student’s application is received by his/her “first-choice” high school, that school many initiate contact with the student and family to clarify any issues. HOWEVER, students are not “officially” notified of a high school’s acceptance until February 8, 2023. Schools that notify students by U.S. Mail may drop their letters in the mail at noon on February 8, 2023. Schools that notify students by electronic/social media means may do so beginning at 3 p.m. on February 9, 2023. 

What if I attend a non-Catholic grade school?

  • Request an enrollment application from the school(s) you are interested in attending from the individual high school.
  • Request official records from your current school to be sent to the high school to which you are applying. Each high school’s requirements for records vary; however, you must include at least the following:
  • Complete transcript of seventh and eighth grade records
  • Your most recent standardized test scores

What criteria do schools look at when assessing an application?

  • Catholic high schools will look at your 7th and 8 grade grades; some will even look at your 5th and 6th grade ones, too.
  • They will evaluate your standardized test scores.
  • They will review your conduct, effort and recommendations from your current school.
  • Each high school is different; to learn more about their specific criteria, contact the high schools.

Is financial assistance available?

  • Yes. Contact each high school you are interested in for details on how and when to apply for scholarships and financial aid. In general, it is recommended to apply as early as possible for assistance.
  • Scholarships and tutoring program vouchers may not cover the entire cost of tuition. Check with the individual high schools for information on your financial responsibility.

Must I complete a separate tuition assistance application for each Catholic high school?

  • All Catholic high schools require a tuition assistance application.
  • Contact your selected high schools for information.

How will I know if I am accepted?

Admissions decisions from the high schools will be mailed to the students on February 8, 2023, or after 3 p.m. on February 10, 2023, by electronic mail.

What if I am not accepted at my first-choice school?

Records are sent to the second-choice school no later than February 17, 2023, if students are denied admission to their first-choice school.

Records of students who have been denied admission to a second-choice school are returned to the grade school, which will assist the family in placing the student in a Catholic high school if possible.

How do I register after I am accepted?

  • You will be notified of registration procedures by the individual high school.
  • A deposit or registration fee may be required to reserve your place in the Class of 2027.

What should I do if I miss any of these deadlines?

  • Families should contact the Catholic high school to request information about admission.

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