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How Our Schools are Accredited

Catholic school accreditation allows schools to strengthen their sense of Catholic identity and mission while also engaging in a process for continual improvement.

Test everything; retain what is good (1 Thessalonians 5:21)

The Ohio Catholic School Accrediting Association (OCSAA) is a collaborative undertaking of the Catholic dioceses in Ohio and is governed by the Superintendents of Schools who serve as the OCSAA Commission. The purpose of the OCSAA is to strengthen Catholic school identity and mission and to engage Catholic schools in the ongoing improvement of student learning. OCSAA accreditation also requires schools to show evidence that they are implementing OCSAA Standards. The State Board of Education has approved these Standards as comparable to the ODE’s Operating Standards for Ohio’s Schools. Through the OCSAA accreditation process, a new Catholic school can apply for a charter from the State of Ohio, and existing Catholic schools can maintain their state charters. In keeping with the mission of the OCSAA, this six-year process has as its hallmark a commitment to continuous improvement. As each school engages in strategic planning, it moves toward the vision of a high performing school in which students are grounded in their faith life and achieve at high levels.

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