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Keeping the Faith Podcast

This podcast is designed to communicate the process and progress of the Strategic Planning Initiative for the future of Catholic Elementary Schools in the Diocese of Cleveland. Each episode will focus on a different committee’s work and will allow our listeners to have a better understanding of the goals of this process.

Episode 1 - Listen Here

In the inaugural episode of Keeping the Faith, Fr. John Betters and Superintendent Frank O'Linn discuss the background history, the guiding principles, and considerations in choosing the committee members for the Diocese of Cleveland Strategic Plan Initiative:Keeping the Faith: The Future of the Catholic Elementary Schools that began its work this month.

Episode 2 - Listen Here

In episode 2 the guests on this episode of “Keeping the Faith”, are two of the most experienced and innovative members of the Strategic Planning steering committee: Ed Vittardi, principal of St. Albert the Great School/Assumption Partnership and T.J. D’Agostino, Education Professor at the University of Notre Dame. You will hear their stories and backgrounds in Catholic education and will hear about a creative and bold partnership that has been created between St. Albert the Great School and Assumption Academy in the Diocese of Cleveland. It is one possible model that could be replicated to help strengthen the Catholic schools in the Diocese of Cleveland. The importance of leadership in both the Strategic Planning process and in creating successful Catholic Schools is also discussed in this episode.

Episode 3 - Listen Here

In episode 3 it is discussed how leadership is the key to success in any system. The leaders of the Leadership and Talent Committee for the Keeping the Faith initiative in the Diocese of Cleveland, Diane Corrigan, Katie Dougherty, and Mary Anne Blakely share the collaborative way they facilitate their committee and tell us more about the diverse, talented members of their committee and their hopes for the future of Catholic education in the diocese.

Episode 4 - Listen here

In episode 4 Chris Serger and Amy Buehner, the co-chairs of the Marketing and Communications Committee, outline the makeup of their committee, the work and focus areas for improving Marketing and Communications for the schools in our diocese . Both guests also share a beautiful witness on the blessing of being a Catholic school parent in the Diocese of Cleveland.

Episode 5 - Listen here

In episode 5, Vicar General Fr. Don Oleksiak and Fr. John Betters discuss the 7 Priest Listening Sessions occurring throughout our diocese this month and their importance in influencing the direction of the Keeping the Faith Strategic Planning Process.

Episode 6 - Listen Here

Listen to three of the most dynamic financial leaders in our diocese share some of the ideas that are emerging in the Finance Committee for the Keeping the Faith Strategic Planning Initiative in the Diocese of Cleveland.

Jim Gulick, the Chief Financial Officer of the Diocese, Fr. Joe Previte, Pastor of Holy Rosary Church, and Jerry Straub, business manager at St. Mary's in Hudson share their connection and passion for keeping our Catholic schools strong and several areas of focus for Finance in Catholic Schools.

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