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Academics, Community and Affordability

The benefits of a private education for little to no cost are available for schools within the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland. 

Our diocese is commited to helping families across Northeast Ohio find a learning environment that supports student growth with tuition funding offered by the state of Ohio through the Cleveland Scholarship and the Ed Choice scholarship program. 


Ohio’s Catholic bishops urge immediate action on EdChoice program

The Catholic Conference of Ohio, the second-oldest state bishops’ conference in the country, issued a statement this week calling for state legislators to resume negotiations to finalize the EdChoice Scholarship Program for the 2020/2021 school year. The current delay means more than 30,000 students statewide already participating in the scholarship program are unable to apply for renewal at a time when critical decisions on school enrollment, teachers’ contracts and budgets must be made. Every day the program’s future remains in limbo makes the situation more difficult for everyone.

Click HERE to read their statement

Am I eligible to recieve funding? Which of the following applies to you?

Do you live in the city of Cleveland?  All residents of Cleveland are eligible to apply for the Cleveland Scholarship Program. To learn how students K-12 that reside in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District can enroll HERE 

  • Are you assigned to a public school that the Ohio Department of Education has deemed  eligible?  CLICK HERE to locate a map or HERE to view a complete list of EdChoice public school districts.  Simply find your local public school and reference the key. 
  • Will the student be entering Kindergarten or will be enrolled in grades 6 or lower in the 2019-2020 academic year?  CLICK HERE to view eligibility guidelines regarding grade level, income and more. 

CALL:  216-696-6525

Ask for extention 3250.

Representatives from the office of Catholic education are here to help you. 

You may also provide your contact information HERE via the online form. 

Have more questions?  Watch this helpful VIDEO that breaks down Ed Choice options. 


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