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Marriage Enrichment

The Office for Marriage and Family Ministry is excited to support Ministries within the parishes, diocese or online communities.
If you are a parish leader that needs more information or have suggestions don't hesitate to email the Director of Marriage and Family Ministry, Terri Yohman.

Couple Challenge--Want to enrich your marriage?  Try this!!!!

The Diocese is blessed to have some Clinical Counselors that are strong practicing Catholics at Kent Psychological and here is one of their suggestions:

30 Day Couple Challenge!


Coming this Fall 2022, Nicole Melchi

The Marriage and Family Ministry office is pleased to bring Nicole to offer her guidance and skills to assist couples with strengthening their relationships. These two-hour workshops will be offered 5 times.  Holy Family in Stow will host in September. 

Stay tuned for more details and links to registration.

Click HERE for a taste of what Nicole will teach us!



Did you know that in June 2022, Pope Francis has invited WWME to join the World Meeting of Families in Rome to be recognized by the Catholic church?

Marriage Encounter has been around for more than 50 years and is used in almost 100 countries.  They have helped over 3.5 million couples learn to listen to their spouse, share with their spouse and connect more deeply with their spouse.

9 out of 10 couples who attend a Marriage Encounter Weekend recognize a long-lasting positive effect on their lives.

Priests report having a revitalized relationship with the Lord when they attend a weekend.  Our local chapter is currently looking for more priests to take the weekend and help with this valuable resource. 

St Paschal Baylon will host the Diocese of Cleveland's next weekend in November of 2022.

Click here to be taken to the website:

Building a Eucharistic Marriage

Greg Schutte has developed an online video and discussion series that many couples in Ohio have found to be very helpful.  The site allows the user to sign up for emails or purchase the video discussion series. 



Theology of the Body Cleveland works with our schools; as well as parishes to bring speakers and events to the Diocese of Cleveland.

Click above to check out their website.

Marriages of Grace

Marriages of Grace has gatherings at local establishments where the guest speaker and appetizers are provided through the registration fee and beverages are available for purchase.

Click on the button to be taken to their website.

Joyful Ever After

The Catholic Marriage Summit is held each year and you can find a wealth of video resources for your marriage on their website.

Check out their website and let our Marriage and Family Department know what you like best!


Dr. John Van Epp has done a great job of creating a very easy and basic wonderful tool for couples and families to learn how to build their relationship skills and attach with one another.  If you are a parish leader and interested in bringing the program to your entire parish please reach out.  If you want to sign up as an individual check out their website.

There are many parishes that host marriage enrichment events at different times of the year, if you are a parish leader feel free to ask about advertising your event.  If you are aware of local parishes that host a regularly occurring event for couples please let us know.

Visit the Marriage and Family Events page for upcoming dates and registration information.

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