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Natural Family Planning

The Church supports the methods of Natural Family Planning (NFP) as this process respects God's design for married love.

“…to make use of the gift of conjugal love while respecting the laws of the generative process means to acknowledge oneself not to be the arbiter of the sources of human life, but rather the minister of the design established by the Creator.” HV #10

NFP is a holistic approach to family planning. Once learned it can be used to achieve or postpone a pregnancy.  NFP is not a contraceptive as it does nothing to suppress or block conception. All natural methods are scientifically based on the woman’s pattern of fertility and infertility. Couples learn to understand, respect and appreciate their combined fertility.  With proper instruction and following the few simple rules the methods are 98-99% effective.


There are multiple methods to choose from, each allowing you to track your unique signs and symptoms of fertility.  Effectiveness of each method is based on proper training with a certified instructor and following the few rules to either achieve or postpone a pregnancy.  Each method requires a period of abstinence within the cycle (if choosing to postpone a pregnancy).  The effectiveness of each method varies from 96-99% effective.

The two more common methods of Natural Family Planning, the Sympto-Thermal Method (ST), and the Ovulation Method (OM), both use charting of cervical mucous patterns to help determine which days are considered fertile or infertile. Local ST and OM instructors listed in our diocesan NFP Directory, as well as more information regarding all methods, is available on our Resource page.

Which method works best for you is a personal decision. Full autonomy is usually achieved after charting with an instructor for six months. If you have an unusual circumstance such as breastfeeding, pre-menopause, or coming off of a chemical contraceptive, an instructor will be happy to work with you until you are confident. 

Learn Natural Family Planning

Throughtout the year, there are various opportunities to learn Natural Family Planning.  Click HERE to view a list of area classes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most common questions from people who are exploring the use of NFP.

Renewing the Covenant

Renewing the Covenant is a presentation for engaged or married-couples about Saint John Paul II’s Theology of the Body and Natural Family Planning. We  explore these two questions: “Why do you want to be married?” and “How can we thrive in our marriage?” To help answer these questions we will introduce Theology of the Body and how we are called to reflect God’s love with our bodies.  We will also share the basic concepts of Natural Family Planning and the science behind it.

This presentation can be offered for your parish in a 90 min. presentation.  We also have a 30-minute presentation that fits well within a Pre-Cana Day.  Please call our office to schedule Renewing the Covenant in your parish. 216-334-2971.

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