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Jan Tyranowski Outstanding Youth Minister Award

The Jan Tyranowski Outstanding Youth Minister Award has been created to recognize an outstanding youth minister in the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland who, like Jan, has left a lasting impact on the lives of the teens of their parish and helped them to grow deeper in their faith.

“He was one of those unknown saints, hidden amid the others like a marvelous light at the bottom of life, at a depth where night usually reigns. In his words, in his spirituality and in the example of a life given to God alone, he represented a new world that I did not yet know. I saw the beauty of a soul opened up by grace.” - St. John Paul II

Qualifications for the Recipient of the Award

  • Currently working or has worked in youth ministry at a parish or school in the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland (can be a youth minister, campus minister, clergy member, or volunteer; living or deceased)
  • A devout missionary disciple and an "unknown saint"
  • Changed the hearts of teens and led them closer to Christ
  • Exemplifies the qualities of Jan Tyranowski of desiring to relationally share life and prayer with teens of the youth ministry
  • Has left a lasting impact on the lives of the teens to whom they minister(ed)

Nominations will be accepted from anyone who has worked with the nominee or been impacted by their ministry.

Timeline for the 2025 Award

  • August 15, 2024 - Nominations Open
  • October 22, 2024 - Nominations Close
  • January 4, 2025 - Award Given at CLE 2:16

2024 Jan Tyranowski Award Winner:

Sara Lanzola

Campus Minister at Elyria Catholic High School

The inaugural winner was nominated by one of many to whom she has ministered.  They wrote, 

"To me, what makes Sara truly special is how she cares and shows that she cares about teens. Among all the chaos and jumble of today’s world, it can be easy to feel like you are just another person or like you don’t matter. She makes sure you feel important. Sara doesn't do this job for a paycheck. She doesn't just clock in, fulfill the everyday requirements, and clock out. She will do anything for her students, showing them unconditional love. I can never say enough about how Sara has changed my life by showing me God."

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