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Offices Parish Life Youth & Young Adult Ministry

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Youth and Young Adult Ministry

The Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministry serves as a hub for ministries and events that strive to bring young adults into an encounter with Jesus and our Catholic community. 

“Christianity does not consist of a series of prohibitions which stifle our desire for happiness, but rather a project for life capable of captivating our hearts.” Pope Francis

Committed to forming youth and young adults and those who accompany them into missionary disciples, the office empowers and supports leaders and young adult groups in a multitude of ways.

Youth Ministry Empowerment
By hosting dynamic youth events, supporting youth ministry teams and training programs, young leaders are empowered by their call from God.

Support of Young Adult Ministry
Supporting young adult ministry groups is critical to growing the future Church.  By building faith based coalitions with young adult movements, the office integrates ministry and religious education in 20 + services provided.

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Our Office Provides:

  • Education and Trainings for Adults
  • Joint Certification and Training for Ministers
  • Avenues by Design: Youth Ministry Specialization
  • Youth Ministry E-News
  • Parish Cluster Services
  • Strong Catholic Families Initiative
  • Strengths and Engagements Training

Parish Trainings and Consultations

  • Youth Ministry Leadership Team Training
  • Developing Youth and Young Adult Ministry and Services
  • New Youth Minister Orientation
  • Volunteer Management
  • Assistance in Creating Job Descriptions and Hiring Youth Ministers
  • Integrate Youth Ministry and Religious Education
  • Parish-Based Junior High Summer Camps
  • Develop Junior High Youth Ministry
  • Catechetical Programs for Adolescents
  • Inter-Parish Youth Ministry Models
  • Young Adult Ministry and Services
  • Youth and Young Adult Retreat Models
  • Social Justice Programs

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