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Offices Stewardship Stewardship Manual

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Stewardship Manual

The Stewardship Manual assists parishes in developing and implementing stewardship ministry.

The Stewardship Manual provides a roadmap to implementing and sustaining a successful Stewardship process in a parish. Each section provides an overview, suggested steps for implementation, lessons learned, tools, sample materials, and external resources that can be used to initiate and sustain Stewardship in the parish.  

  • Understanding the 3T's ... and More PDF | Word
  • Developing a Stewardship Committee PDF | Word
  • Assessing Ministries and Creating a Future Vision PDF | Word
  • Educating and Forming the Parish on Stewardship PDF | Word
  • Conducting the Ministry Fair PDF | Word
  • Committing Time, Talent and Treasure PDF | Word
  • Sustaining Stewardship PDF | Word
  • Discernment of Gifts PDF | Word
  • Children’s Stewardship PDF | Word
  • A Steward’s Prayer and Reflection Journal - Matthew | Mark | Luke
  • Sunday Homilies – Forming Communities in the Spirit of Stewardship

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