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Apply to Catholic High Schools

To learn more about the Catholic high schools in the Diocese of Cleveland, click to view the 2018 ACAD High School Directory.

Eighth grade students enrolled in Catholic elementary schools of the Diocese of Cleveland follow a uniform admission process, with students applying to high school in January and receiving admission decisions in February. All other students (e.g. public school, charter school, other private school, home school or high school transfer students) should directly contact the high school(s) in which they are interested to learn of their application processes and timelines.

Financial Assistance

Each school offers its own financial assistance, so an applicant’s first step should be to talk to the school about available aid. In addition, students attending any Catholic high school in the Diocese of Cleveland may apply for Diocesan Tuition Assistance.

Ohio also provides vouchers for students to attend private schools based on location, public school status, parental income, or special needs. To find schools that are providers for the Cleveland Scholarship, EdChoice Scholarship, EdChoice Expansion Scholarship, and Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship or Autism Scholarship, visit the state’s Scholarship Dashboard page. To learn more about Ohio’s scholarship programs, visit the Ohio Department of Education Scholarships page.

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