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Child Protection – Policy Videos

The videos provide updates and reminders as to the Policy for the Safety of Children in Matters of Sexual Abuse and the Standards of Conduct for Ministry.  In June 2016, Bishop Lennon promulgated revised editions to both of these documents.  Click HERE to access the revised documents.

Upon watching the videos, please fill out and sign the acknowledgement forms from the revised Policy and Standards.  The acknowledgement forms should be returned to the parish/school/organization that you work or volunteer.

Parishes/School/Organization who are unable to stream these videos, can download for local use.
Click on the blue title at the top of the video.
A new page will open and a download button will be visible below the video box.






Report Abuse

All sexual abuse of minors should first be reported immediately to local law enforcement in the county where the abuse is alleged to have occurred. Reports of abuse by a member of the clergy or an employee of the Diocese of Cleveland should also be made to the diocese’s victim assistance coordinator, who can be reached by telephone at 216-334-2999 or by email at  

Terence Flanagan
Victim Assistance Coordinator

Work Phone:  216-334-2958
Fax: 216-334-2983
Response Services:  216-334-2999
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