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A Day of Prayer: The Simple Care of a Hopeful Heart with Dr. Robert Wicks

Wednesday, October 6 from 10:00am - 3:30pm

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A Day of Prayer: The Simple Care of a Hopeful Heart with Dr. Robert Wicks

Strengthening the Inner Life of Lay Pastoral Ministers and Permanent Deacons in Challenging Times

One of the greatest gifts we can share with others is a sense of our own peace. However, we can’t share what we don’t have. By discussing psychological and classic spiritual approaches to maintaining perspective and inner strength in challenging times, Dr. Wicks offers insights into how we can live in peace and, in turn, extend our warmth to others without losing our own inner fire in the process.

Topics include:

  • Maintaining a healthy sense of perspective
  • Avoiding unnecessary stress
  • Developing your self-care program
  • Knowing the 4 “voices” we need in our circle of friends
  • Improving self-awareness
  • Facing inner darkness
  • Developing a richer rule of prayer.

Practical, illustrative, lively, this rich presentation will provide essential information on resilience, compassion, and personal/professional wellbeing.

Dr. Robert Wicks, author of Night Call, is an expert on the prevention of secondary stress, the pressures experienced in reaching out to others.

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