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Bishop Lennon asks the faithful to participate in Health Care Reform

News of the Diocese

September 20, 2010

"For many years, the U.S. bishops have supported decent health care for all based on our teaching that health care is essential for human life and dignity and on the Church?s experience in providing health care and assisting those without coverage.  Specifically, the bishops have clearly required that longstanding federal protections that restrict abortion funding and mandates and that protect conscience rights must be reflected in health reform legislation.  In addition, the bishops have focused on efforts to ensure that coverage is affordable to families and that immigrants have better health care as a result of reform.  We seek reform that protects the life, dignity and health care of all," said Bishop Lennon.

In November, Catholics throughout the eight-county Diocese of Cleveland will be seeing parish bulletin inserts from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB).  These bulletin inserts ask Catholics to tell Congress to remove abortion funding & mandates from needed Health Care Reform.

See USCCB Nationwide Bulletin Insert>

For additional information items, visit the USCCB's web site Health Care page>

'Bishops' Conference Blankets Parishes with Inserts Against Expansion of Abortion Through Health Care Reform'>

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