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Parishes receive first distribution checks from Diocesan Capital Campaign

News of the Diocese

February 1, 2012

(Pictured: Mary Lou Ozimek, Fr. Joseph Kraker, Shani Sinopoli)

On January 27th, nine Catholic parishes throughout the Diocese of Cleveland who completed their fundraising in support of the diocesan initiative, Rooted in Faith - Forward in Hope, received their first distribution check.  The checks represent a portion of the share earned by each parish for funds raised on behalf of the Campaign.


Subsequent checks will be made quarterly until the funds are fully disbursed.  The total sum of the first checks distributed among the nine parishes was over $800,000.  As of the end of January, the Campaign had raised over $80 million of the $125 million goal in pledges and cash gifts from parishioners throughout the eight counties of the Diocese.  Each parish will be returned 30% of funds raised up to the parish goal.  If a parish exceeds its goal, it will receive 70% of funds raised above the parish goal.


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