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Notice of Priest No Longer in the Clerical State

News of the Diocese

October 7, 2019

The Holy See has notified the Diocese of Cleveland that the request of Matthew Ischay to be removed from the clerical state has been granted.

Matthew Ischay was removed from active ministry in the Diocese of Cleveland and placed on administrative leave effective August 26, 2011, as the result of an investigation by the diocesan review board of a complaint alleging that he engaged in misconduct with a minor in the late 1970’s. Subsequently, he sought removal from the clerical state. Removal from the clerical state means that Matthew Ischay is no longer able to function anywhere as a priest.

The Diocese of Cleveland remains committed to creating a safe environment for children and fostering healing for those who have experienced abuse. Any person with information, or just seeking help, can reach the diocesan confidential response line by phone at 216-334-2999 or online at

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