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Why Catholic? Meet Bishop Nelson J. Perez

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Pilgrimage to the Holy Land – Day 2: Arriving in Nazareth

News of the Diocese

October 25, 2019

Pilgrimage to the Holy Land – Day 2: Arriving in Nazareth

Bishop Nelson Perez and 50 pilgrims from the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland began a 10-day journey to the Holy Land on Oct. 23. The Catholic Community Foundation coordinated the trip and Deacon Dennis Conrad from St. Christopher Parish in Rocky River will be sending regular updates to share their experiences throughout the pilgrimage. His second installment is below.

Since the time of our baptism, each of us has been on a lifelong journey home to the Father. The aisle in the church building reminds us of this each time we travel up that aisle to receive Communion. As we journey up the aisle, we prepare our minds to be transformed when we receive the sacred body and blood of Jesus Christ in the form of holy Communion.

Today – Oct. 24 -- the pilgrims, joined by Bishop Perez, journeyed 5,800 miles “up the aisle” to the Holy Land. We were in the security line at Newark, New Jersey at 4:30 a.m. Oct. 24 and arrived at our hotel in Nazareth at 4 a.m. Oct. 25.

The daylong journey allowed the pilgrims to place some distance from our lives at home and to prepare our minds to be transformed by the pilgrimage.

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