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Digital Bible study supports Elyria Catholic High School faculty, staff during time of uncertainty

News of the Diocese

March 25, 2020

Digital Bible study supports Elyria Catholic High School faculty, staff during time of uncertainty
Elyria Catholic High School encourages students, staff and alumni to “leave their print,” connecting the image of the school’s mascot paw print to their mission of celebrating God’s gifts intellectually, socially and spiritually in their daily lives.

Although daily life looks different now with school closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, the faculty and staff at Elyria Catholic are committed to celebrating this mission.

Led by theology and theater teacher Kevin Juguilon, a weekly digital Bible study was created for faculty and staff centered on the Sunday Lenten Gospels. Reflections are emailed on Sunday evening with conversation threads carried through Monday. Juguilon collaborated with Sara Lanzola, director of campus ministry, to help build content and reflection questions.

Prior to the announcement that schools statewide would be closed, the two had hoped to provide an after school Bible study for both students and staff. After the news of the school closing, each began working rapidly to adapt and prepare for their first day of e-learning on March 16. This included shifting the Bible study as a way to support faculty and staff to help them navigate the unknown as a community.

“During this time of uncertainty, it is very easy to collapse inward and focus on myself and my own fears and anxieties,” Juguilon said. “But I find that if I concentrate on the Lord and on reaching out to others, then my focus is on him and not myself. And when I do this, most of my fears and anxieties are diminished."

Lanzola is now providing a daily 1 p.m. Chaplet of Divine Mercy on Instagram for students, staff, parents and the greater community.

Juguilon, Lanzola and the entire team at Elyria Catholic are focused on spiritual closeness – something that distance cannot stop.

“The relationships we have with our students and with our faculty and staff are forged in the school. In the school, we have a shared life together that is noticeably absent now that the building is closed,” Juguilon said. “The challenge is to make sure to keep those bonds of fellowship while we are no longer in the building together.”

Elyria Catholic invites everyone to join them on Instagram for the daily Chaplet of Divine Mercy and help leave their print in community with them.

“If we can lift our souls together in prayer and in reflection on Scripture, then we are bound together by invisible strings of love and faith,” Juguilon said.

To watch the Chaplet of Divine Mercy follow the Instagram handle @EcCampusMin or contact .

Photo Note: The photo of Juguilon and the students was taken earlier in the academic year -- prior to school closure and social distancing.

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