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A summer update from Dr. Frank O'Linn, superintendent of schools

News of the Diocese

July 29, 2020

Hello, I’m Frank O’Linn, superintendent of schools for the Diocese of Cleveland.

Catholic schools are at the heart of the mission of the Church, proclaiming the Gospel call to love God and love one another.

The Church has long held that parents are primary educators of their children, which is why Catholic schools are providing options for students, in partnership with parents and guardians.

All of our Catholic schools have been communicating their plans to families, providing choices to return to campus in-person, with protocols in place for protection, as well as options for those who wish to continue learning remotely.

This summer, in addition to preparing physical spaces for return, educators throughout the diocese have been training for a renewed emphasis on student engagement, both in person and remotely, with the addition of some new technology tools.

Catholic schools continue to provide a holistic education wherever students are, teaching the standards required by the state, and forming young people in the faith -- developing the fullness of our young people to be critical thinkers who lead and serve those around them.

This year we also model and teach children how to be safe during COVID-19: how to protect themselves as well as protect one another, because we believe that every person is a precious gift from God.

On behalf of the Diocese of Cleveland, I wish to thank the many community stakeholders representing a variety of backgrounds and expertise who provided input and guidance on their schools' plans for reopening. Their collaboration, the consultation of health authorities, and the dedication of our school leaders and teachers, enable us to continue the essential ministry of education as safely as possible.

Let’s all please continue to do our part to slow the spread of COVID-19, to keep one another safe, and let’s also keep one another in prayer.

We look forward to seeing you in person or remotely at our Catholic schools. Until then, Thank you and God bless.

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