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Why Catholic? Meet Bishop Edward C. Malesic

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Wednesday of the Fourth Week of Lent – March 17, 2021

Bishop’s Reflections

March 17, 2021

For every day during Lent, Bishop Edward Malesic writes a scripture reflection for the faithful. Follow the bishop on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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Wednesday of the Fourth Week of Lent – March 17, 2021

Jesus says that God is his own father. In another place, Jesus would say that he and the Father are one. “For this reason they tried all the more to kill him.”

A few months ago, we celebrated Christmas, the birth of God’s son in the flesh. In that feast, we celebrated our belief that Jesus has both a human nature (from Mary) and a divine nature. When we look upon Jesus, then, we see the face of the Father.

In a stark reminder, Jesus tells us, “Whoever does not honor the Son does not honor the Father who sent him.”

If we call ourselves “spiritual” people, we must also remind ourselves that we do not worship a wispy, ethereal God, but one who walked among us — and even died for us. In Jesus we see the face of our Father in Heaven.

How is Jesus “real” in your life?

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