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Why Catholic? Meet Bishop Edward C. Malesic

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Twenty-eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time — Oct. 15, 2023

Bishop’s Reflections

October 15, 2023

Every Sunday, Bishop Edward Malesic writes a Scripture reflection for the faithful. Follow the bishop on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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Twenty-eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time — Oct. 15, 2023

Today Jesus gives us a parable about a wedding feast thrown by a king for his son. Jesus likens this banquet to the kingdom of heaven. So, it is an important parable for us. The king invited all the right people, the ones on the “A-list.” None of them attended. Some had excuses. Others had contempt for the king and his messengers.

For some, the king and his invitation to the banquet did not take priority in their lives. They were too busy to come to the feast. For others, they actively opposed the king and actively refused to be in his presence. This story told by Jesus, being a parable, is really the story of God’s invitation to the banquet of heaven.

How often do our own everyday concerns put the search for God’s Kingdom somewhere down the list?

In the parable, the king gets so enraged that he burns the city of the invited guests. It never goes well when you ignore the king!

Then, the king starts to invite all to the feast, “bad and good alike.” This is an allusion to the early Church which expanded beyond Israel into the land of the Gentiles. The king would make a universal call to the banquet he was providing.

The king excluded no one from the invitation, but there was one unfortunate fellow who showed up for it and was not allowed to stay. It appears that he came to the feast unprepared, “not dressed in a wedding garment.” His hands were bound, and the attendants cast him into the darkness outside on the King’s order.

Now, the question for us is this: what is the wedding garment that is required to find welcome in the king’s feast for his son? On the human level, a person who showed up in dirty clothing for such a special feast would not be welcome. On the spiritual level, many commentators on this scripture passage suggest that the wedding garment is the clothing of goodness, cleansed by humility and washed by repentance of sinfulness. In any case, when we accept the invitation of God to come to the banquet of his Son, we should make sure our souls are as clean as possible and our lives are clothed with charity. The banquet of heaven is worth it, after all.

We continue to pray for peace in the Holy Land and for a change of heart for those who cause terror through violence among us.

Have a blessed week everyone.

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