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Toll Free: 1-800-869-6525

Address: 1404 East 9th Street, Cleveland, OH 44114

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Secretariat for Canonical Services

The Secretariat for Canonical Services was established by Bishop Malesic on May 31, 2022.

The Secretariat for Canonical Services handles all matters regarding the law of the Church except judicial matters. The Secretariat for Canonical Services also oversees the Lawyers' Guild of the Diocese of Cleveland.

The diocesan tribunal continues to handle all judicial matters, including trials regarding the invalidity of marriage and other judicial trials.

Requests for matrimonial dispensations and permissions, and marriage preparation files being sent to or from other dioceses, should be sent to the Secretariat for Canonical Services.

At present, the staff of the Secretariat is comprised mostly of the ministers of the Tribunal. Please contact us with your questions regarding the law of the Church.

Telephone: 216-696-6525
(Toll-free in Ohio 1-869-6525; Toll-free outside Ohio 1-800-676-4431) 
Dial extension 4000 after using any of the above numbers. 

Usual office hours: 8 a.m.-noon and 1 p.m.-4 p.m., Monday-Friday, excluding holidays. Voicemail messages may be left 24/7. Please be prepared to give your case number, if applicable. 

Secretariat for Canonical Services
Diocese of Cleveland
1404 East Ninth Street, 7th Floor
Cleveland, OH 44114-2555
Fax: 216-696-3226

Rev. Gary D. Yanus, JCD
Secretary and Vicar for Canonical Services

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