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Offices Clergy & Religious Ongoing Formation for Clergy

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Office of Ongoing Formation

The Office of Ongoing Formation for Clergy aims at forming ministerial identity, sanctity, integrity and competency for priests and deacons.

The Office of Ongoing Formation for Clergy (O.O.F.C) provides programs, workshops, convocations, pastoral leadership training and development opportunities for priests and deacons to assist them in the process of lifelong learning and formation for ministry and service to God’s people.

The O.O.F.C. is guided by the four dimensions of formation: human, spiritual, intellectual and pastoral.

  • Human formation aids clergy in strengthening the clergy’s relational capacity so they might be more effective in their ministerial work.
  • Intellectual formation provides for additional academic material in an effort to expand an individual’s development and offer guidance in their role as preacher and teacher of the faith.
  • Spiritual formation aims to deepen the clergy person’s life in the Spirit of God through retreats, days of recollection, spiritual conferences based on Church practice in line with the tradition of the Spiritual masters.
  • Pastoral formation provides tools, current practices and opportunities for the sharing of wisdom among the priests and deacons so they may more effectively lead and shepherd God’s people in their differing roles in ministry.

To the degree that is possible, the O.O.F.C. is committed to engaging  with other entities of the Diocese in an effort to provide ongoing formation, education and spiritual enrichment so as to assist all in ministry to more effectively serve in a spirit of collaboration to build God’s Kingdom

The Office of Ongoing Formation for Clergy is located on the Campus of the Center for Pastoral Leadership, 28700 Euclid Avenue, Wickliffe, Ohio 44092

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Fr. Thomas Dragga, Director

Contact Fr. Thomas Dragga, Director

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