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Offices Finance Report to the Community

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Report to the Community

The Financial Report to the Community provides information regarding the finances of the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland and its entities.

My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, 

I am pleased to share the annual financial statements of the Central Administrative Office of the Diocese of Cleveland. The accompanying statements have been reviewed by the members of the Diocesan Finance Council and audited by our certified public accountants. I thank the members of the Diocesan Finance Council for their advice on business, legal and financial matters throughout the year. 

These statements show your support for the ministries that are performed and supported at the Diocesan level including Catholic education, catechesis, clergy and religious personnel, parish life, and the Chancery. The statements also show the support for the administrative work of the Diocese including legal, finance, and facilities. As more fully discussed in the accompanying materials, these Diocesan services complement and support the many ministries performed by our parishes and by Catholic Charities. The stewardship contributions of time, talent and treasure of so many good people throughout the eight counties of the Diocese of Cleveland make these important works of our Church possible. 

I also am sharing with you through this Finance Department website the audited financial statements of our other Diocesan entities. I encourage you to visit the site periodically as some of our entities have June 30 fiscal years and others are on a calendar year reporting cycle. My pledge to you is to be transparent in how we utilize the resources that you have entrusted to us so that you can see how your contributions have contributed to the good works of our Diocese. 

May God continue to bless you and the Diocese of Cleveland. 

Gratefully yours in Christ, 

Most Reverend Edward C. Malesic
Bishop of Cleveland

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