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Meet Our Missionaries

The Culture Project is an initiative of young people set out to restore culture through the experience of virtue. The Cleveland missionary team is dedicated to sharing messages of respecting the dignity of a human person and living a life of sexual integrity with those in middle schools, high schools and parish youth ministry groups. 

The eight missionaries are from different places throughout the country including Texas, Louisiana, Colorado, Indiana and New York.  Five missionaries are available for on site presentations and three are available for virtual presentations. 

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Cameron Bick

Cameron Bick is a 2020 graduate of Santa Clara University and an 8-year veteran of the Jesuit education industrial complex.  He graduated with a degree in Economics, double-minoring in Political Science and Classical Studies.  Despite being in the Catholic schooling system for most of his life, Cam saw a deep need in our culture for an authentic connection with God.  Cam saw Culture Project give a talk at a fundraiser and was awe-struck; he didn't know other people felt the same way he felt, and was inspired by the passion and energy of the Culture Project missionaries.  He wished that he could have heard from people like Culture Project at a younger age; he would have felt much more secure about his life choices and more encouraged to speak up.  Now a Culture Project missionary, he sees shades of his younger self in the youth he wants to serve and is dedicated to giving our youth the guidance he wishes he received at a young age. 


Michelle Nguyen 

Michelle Nguyen is a 2017 graduate of the University of Massachusetts, Amherst with a BS in Mathematics and Statistics.  She grew up in Massachusetts, but also spent a portion of her life in Austin, Texas and considers both 'home'. Most recently, she was working in Boston while volunteering within the Catholic community in Dorchester. While working with a youth group in Dorchester, Michelle realized that God was possibly asking her to devote her full attention and time to spreading the love of Christ.  Having encountered the Culture Project multiple times after graduating, and falling in love with their mission, Michelle realized that being a CP missionary was what God had in store for the next year of her life. 


Peter Ogden

Peter Ogden is a 2021 graduate from Franciscan University with a BS in Experimental Psychology.  He grew up in a Cathoilc family of eight in Baltimore, MD and played football and water polo throughout high school, after which he and his family moved to Oakland, MD right before starting college.  Peter encountered the Culture Porject while working as a server at an Irish pub in Ohio and fell in love with the msision to share the message of human dignity and sexual integrity. He answered Christ's call to serve and is excited to live out the New Commandment to love one another through sacrifice. "Everyone has been wounded in some way by the false promises of our culture today. Thomas came to believe when Christ revealed His wounds to him and now Thomas is a saint.  Through my own wounds I seek to bring healking to others." 


Lily Kamphaus 

Lily Kamphaus is a 2021 graduate of the University of Findlay with a BS in Business Management, Finance and Operations & Logistics.  Lily had her first encounter with CP in junior high when the CP team based in Toledo came to her school in Leipsic, Ohio.  Since junior high, Lily has met with CP missionaris throughout high school and college.  She was drawn to the joy and love that seemed to emit from every missionary. In March of 2020, Lily felt the call to "Feed My Sheep," and through her discernment, she felt called to serve our youth by spreading the message of human dignity, sexual integrity, and love. "Our youth today are hungry to know they are called to something more than what our culture is feeding them. They need to hear they were made for true love! I was actracted to the Culture Project because their entire mission is dedicated to sharing this truth." 


Brenna Dillon

Brenna Dillon is a 2021 graduate of the University of Kansas with a BSJ in Strategic Communications.  She grew up in Kansas and always had a fondness for friendship. Brenna met CP through her mentor who helped reveal to her what it means to be known, seen and loved.  Through the CP human dignity messages, she was convicted that every young person deserved to know that there was more than what the culture is offering them. Though Brenna felt the call to be a missionary during her sophomore year of college, she was able to finally say 'yes' to giving a year of her life to serve God's little children through the CP mission.  "I became a missonary to change the culture and so no more young people would have to suffer from a broken world." 

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