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Meet Our Missionaries

The Culture Project is an initiative of young people set out to restore culture through the experience of virtue. The Cleveland missionary team is dedicated to sharing messages of respecting the dignity of a human person and living a life of sexual integrity with those in middle schools, high schools and parish youth ministry groups. 

The eight missionaries are from different places throughout the country including Texas, Louisiana, Colorado, Indiana and New York.  Five missionaries are available for on site presentations and three are available for virtual presentations. 


Berthelot parker

Parker Berthelot 

Parker Berthelot is a 2019 graduate of Southeastern Louisiana University with a BA in communication. He grew up in the town of Denham Springs, Louisiana and is an avid basketball fan, casual poetry writer, and lover of life. Parker first encountered The Culture Project when a missionary visited his university’s student center. As someone who is passionate about love, virtue and the writings of St. John Paul II, he immediately felt a strong pull towards their mission. After much discernment, he answered the Lord’s call to serve as a Culture Project missionary and share his passion with others. “Everyone is made for love and so everyone longs for it deeply. If no one ever tells us where true love is found, how will we ever find it? I hope to speak truth and help others find this love they long for.”

Ross alex

Alex Ross 

Alex Ross grew up in central Indiana as the oldest of five lacross-loving kids. She studied interpersonal communication and couseling at Ball State University where St. John Paull II's Theology of the Body rocked her world.  Her first encounter with the Culture Project was at a FOCUS conference and it boosted her courage to live a fuller and more virtuous life, and she soon felt set on fire to spread the great vibrance of the Gospel of Life herself.  "When I saw how radically attractive, beautiful, and healing the Culture Project missionaries' lives of chastity could be to the world around them, I knew I wanted in with all my heart. The message and the experience of authentic love uniquely transforms lives.  It is authentic love that unlocks exactly who we are created to be." 

Bick cam

Cameron Bick

Cameron Bick is a 2020 graduate of Santa Clara University and an 8-year veteran of the Jesuit education industrial complex.  He graduated with a degree in Economics, double-minoring in Political Science and Classical Studies.  Despite being in the Catholic schooling system for most of his life, Cam saw a deep need in our culture for an authentic connection with God.  Cam saw Culture Project give a talk at a fundraiser and was awe-struck; he didn't know other people felt the same way he felt, and was inspired by the passion and energy of the Culture Project missionaries.  He wished that he could have heard from people like Culture Project at a younger age; he would have felt much more secure about his life choices and more encouraged to speak up.  Now a Culture Project missionary, he sees shades of his younger self in the youth he wants to serve and is dedicated to giving our youth the guidance he wishes he received at a young age. 

Anderson caroline

Caroline Anderson

Caroline Anderson is a 2020 graduate of the University of Texas with a B.S. in Chemistry.  A true Texan and Catholic convert, Caroline wouldn't have dreamed of leaving her beloved state post-graduation.  However, upon meeting the Culture Project at SLS20, she felt God was showing her what she never knew she needed.  The radically different lifestyle of missionaries spreading a message of authentic love made it easy for Caroline to say 'yes' to joining the family!  "In each of our histories, we can identify exact moments when someone failed to love us.  I'm excited to invite others to reflect on these moments and share with them the truth: they're worthy of a love flowing from their identity as God's beloved." 

Kinney danni

Danielle (Dani) Kinney 

Dani Kinney grew up in Colorado Springs, Colorado where she did as much singing, dancing and theater as she could.  She graduated with her license to practice dental hygiene in 2019 and then moved to Orlando, Florida to work for The Walt Disney Company.  There she found herself longing for deeper love and greater fulfillment.  Shortly after returning home, she encountered the Culture Project at a FOCUS conference and was set on fire with their message of authentic, self-sacrificing love.  "The Culture Project's proclamation of Saint John Paul the Great's message was exactly what I was looking for.  I felt a deep call to become a missionary and share this message with today's youth and help them find what we're all truly looking for; to love and to be loved in the most true, radical and beautiful way." 

Beller johni

Johni Beeler

Johni Beeler is a 2017 graduate from Saint Vincent College with a degree in Biology.  She grew up in Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania where she was an active member in her youth ministry and a member of the swim team in both high school and college.  Johni learned of the Culture Project through the Theology of the Body sessions at her college hosted by a former Culture Project missionary.  Over the course of the year she fell in love with the messages of chastity and self-worth.  Johni felt the desire to share these messages with others and soon answered God's beckoning to serve others as a Culture Project missionary.  "Without these messages of truth, our brothers and sisters in Christ are left in the darkness.  I want to aid God in bringing them to the light.  I truly believe that this mission will change the world." 

Vega alanis

Alanis Vega

Alanis Vega is a New Yorker who spent 4 years in the beauty industry doing make-up on the women of the Upper East Side.  God works in the funniest of ways when, after work, she attended Catholic Underground, where she (not so) coincidentally sat in front of the Culture Project missionaries.  As a person who's passionate about the pro-life movement, she wondered if there was a way to reach these beloved women before abortion could become a thought. The message of human dignity and sexual integrity that the Culture Project so rightfully perpetuates amongst the youth, is where she found just that.  "What if we were a part of Christ's army? What if we became soldiers for Christ? If we equip ourselves daily with the weapon of the rosary, the shield of knowledge in the faith and the healer of all wounds, the Eucharist, there is no battle that we won't win."

Chavez sebastian

Sebastian Chavez

Sebastian Chavez is a 2015 graduate of Texas A & M University with a B.S. degree in Petroleum Engineering.  After college, work took him to a small town in North Dakota where his re-conversion back to the Catholic faith and passion for the outdoors started.  After 3 years in the north, he moved back to his hometown of Houston, Texas and began feeling a call to give back to the community.  Sebastian was introduced to the Culture Project through a friend and instantly connected with the message of trying to build a culture of life through virtue and respect.  Sebastian will be a Culture Project missionary for the 2020 -2021 mission year and is looking forward to "sharing my experience with others and inviting  young men and women to discover the beauty of well-ordered human sexuality. " 

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