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Ecumenical/Interfaith Ministry

Under the direction of the Director of the Interfaith Commission, presentations and other opportunities help to educate the faithful in the ecumenical directives and theology of the Catholic Church.

The Catholic Church has a rich relationship with other Christian Churches (ecumenical) and other religions (interfaith).  This posture began with the Second Vatican Council in 1965.  The Catholic Church professes its belief in Jesus Christ, as Lord and Savior; but also realizes that faith is something a person must freely embrace and that many human beings have already embraced a faith in which they find meaning for their lives.  God has made all of us and is in dialogue with every human being to bring them to awareness of his Divine presence and invite them to share eternity.  Catholics are to witness to the message of the Gospel and invite others share in it, while as Catholics, they appreciate the spiritual heritage, rituals, and moral directives found in other religions. 

Blessing by faith leaders

Interfaith & Ecumenical Activities

The following activities are regularly sponsored by the Interfaith Office of the Diocese of Cleveland and all our welcome to participate in them.  

  • Conference of Religions convenes twice a year with a dialogue on a topic decided by a committee from the religions. 
  • The Sam Miller Catholic-Jewish Colloquium is an annual lecture sponsored by the Anti-Defamation League, the Cleveland Jewish Federation, Diocese of Cleveland, St. Mary Seminary and Gradual School of Theology.  Alternately, a Catholic or a Jew is a keynoter and a respondent from other religion makes presentation on a topic of interest. 
  • The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity lecturer at St. Mary Seminary and Graduate School of Theology is hosted near or in this special week from January 18-25 each year. The seminarians lead a prayer service at the end of the lecture for Christian unity. 

Upcoming Events

Sam Miller Catholic-Jewish Colloquium

October 21, 7:30 pm

“Overcoming Hate with Compassion and Education"  

Most Holocaust history focuses on countries with strong anti-Semitic sentiment prior to WWII that enabled the destruction of their Jewish people. Much of that destruction was actually carried out by the local populations, not just the Nazis. Yet, exhibiting compassion and humanity, Italians saved most of their Jews despite pressure to comply with the Nazi plan, supported by Mussolini, to annihilate them. How did Italians rise above the atmosphere of hate?  

Please join Colloquium sponsors the Anti-Defamation League, the Diocese of Cleveland Interfaith Commission and St. Mary Seminary and Graduate School of Theology for a stimulating and enlightening presentation and discussion: “Righteous Italian Gentiles —the story of thousands of Jews saved by Italian civilians and armed forces members during World War II,” presented by Dr. Maria Lombardo.

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37th Eleanor Malburg Eastern Churches Seminar

November 1, 2021

"After the Deluge: What will it Mean to be Church in Post-pandemic times?"

Each year, Notre Dame College celebrates its collaboration with Byzantine Catholic, Orthodox and Roman Catholic eparchies and dioceses in sponsoring the Eleanor Malburg Eastern Churches Seminar, which is free and open to the public.

This year, Bishop John Michael Botean, bishop of the Romanian Eparchy of St. George in Canton, Ohio, addresses “After the Deluge: What It Will Mean to Be Church in Post-pandemic Times” in a video presentation. 

You will be able to view the presentation on the Notre Dame College YouTube Channel or their website.

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2021 Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

Fr. Hilinski of St. Barbara Church and Director of Ecumenical and Interfaith Affairs for the Diocese of Cleveland explains the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.

Msgr. Paul McPartlan of Catholic University of America (CUA) presents a talk on the Orthodox-Catholic Dialogue.  Msgr. McPartlan is a member of the International Dialogue  and Professor of Ecumenical Theology at CUA.

A response to the talk was made by the Rev. Alex Garklavs of Holy Trinity Orthodox Church, Parma member of the Orthodox Church in America and conversation with Msgr. McPartlan with the members of the seminary community of St. Mary School of Theology in Cleveland.

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