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Offices Parish Life Lay Ecclesial Ministry Candidates in Formation

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Candidates in Formation

“Lay ecclesial ministers serve publicly in the local church, so they need to accept this role with fidelity and loyalty and be able to fill it with integrity, fully versed in . . . Church teaching, supportive of it, able to defend it, and to present it with clarity.”
-Co -Workers in the Vineyard of the Lord

The candidate is involved in formation through human, spiritual, intellectual, and pastoral development. 

Human Formation (Year 1)

Involves a process of theological reflection on gifts and life experiences to integrating them with growth in spirituality.  Ministerial skills for accompaniment, the dynamics of human growth and group process, will also be developed. 

Spiritual Formation (Year 2)

Developing maturity in individual and communal spirituality, including an integrated understanding and practice of private, shared, and liturgical prayer.  Candidates will demonstrate an understanding of and continuing commitment to fostering Christian community.

Pastoral Formation (Year 3 & Advanced Candidates)

Candidates will participate in group reflection on ministry, applying education, formation, and life experience to ministry in light of the Gospel.  Candidate will continue formation in utilizing the tool of theological reflection in ministry.

Intellectual Formation

The USCCB document Co-Workers in the Vineyard of the Lord, as affirmed by the National Certification Standards for Lay Ecclesial Ministers, emphasizes the need of all lay ecclesial ministers to be prepared in the scriptural, theological, moral, and pastoral tradition of the Church. 

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