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Strong Catholic Families

Pope Francis is quite clear about the importance of a loving family.  Parenting and family life are critical for the development of personal vocations.  As a parent, from your child's baptism, you are creating and developing a husband, a wife, a single person and potentially someone called to religious life. 

Building strong Catholic marriages and families is crucial.  Learning about these can come through a child's eyes as they watch their parents work together to clean the kitchen or to help one another, these vocations can be revealed through discussions and modeling.  The Office of Marriage and Family Ministry is working with the Youth Ministry office to help develop conversations and tools for use with junior high or high school students about dating.  We will be working with the Young Adult office to develop discernment tools that young adults can use to discern personal vocations also.  If you are curious about how you as a parent impact your child please don't hesitate to email our Director HERE to start a conversation. 

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