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Office for Human Life

Created in the image and likeness of God from the very beginning of time, human life begins its journey on Earth from conception until natural death.

Who We Are & How We Serve - The Human Life office educates and inspires people throughout the diocese to be stewards of the gift of life that God has given us. Through prayer, education, and pastoral care, we uphold and promote the consistent ethic of life from conception until natural death. This ethic of life is the thread that unites all efforts to uphold the dignity of life at all stages of existence. 

Quick Resources

  • Follow us on Facebook @HumanLifeCLE
  • Subscribe to the Parish Life newsletter
  • Crisis pregnancy? Call the hotline (216)902-1303
  • Experiencing suffering post-abortion? Call for help (216)696-6225 ext.2339

Do you or someone you know need assistance?

Call (216) 902-1303  

The office helps provide practical support for pregnancy and parenting. If you or someone you know is experiencing feelings of crisis or unexpected with pregnancy, we have resources for when you do not know what to do. 

Resources for Moms In Need Resources

Resources for Women Suffering after Abortion


Stay Up to Date 

Information, myths and headlines are constantly surfacing within the sources of how people recieve their news. What is true? What is a myth? How can you get involved? 

(June 24, 2022) READ a message from Bishop Malesic on today’s U.S. Supreme Court decision.

(June 24, 2022) READ a Historic SCOTUS decision draws praise from pro-life advocates, bishops

(June 24, 2022) PRAY a rosary for life with introduction from Mary von Carlowitz, director of the Diocese of Cleveland Office for Human Life.

(May 10, 2022) LISTEN to the Questions of Faith Podcast with dicussion on Roe v. Wade and the potential of what happens once reversed.

(May 10, 2022) READ the latest statement and request to the faithful from the USCCB to fast and pray on Friday, May 13 for the tensions midst the leak of the US Supreme Court draft.

(May 13, 2022) PRAY the rosary and FAST on the Memorial of Our Lady of Fatima. Click HERE to access our audio rosary.

(Spring 2022) SUPPORT the Walking with Moms initiative that has launched at local parishes. 


Our Services

Services our office provides include:

  • Consultation and collaboration with parishes and pro-life groups
  • Training and education of youth and adults
  • Resource center for Church teachings on the sanctity of life issues
  • Referral for networking, counseling, planning, and program development
  • Ministerial assistance to lay and clerical faithful in the diocese

Looking For Help?

Are you struggling with a pregnancy crisis? Contact our Human Life Crisis Hotline(216) 902-1303

Are you suffering from the aftermath of an abortion? Contact our Project Rachel Hotline(216) 902-1304 

Learn more about the Project Rachel Ministry on our website.

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