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Eucharistic Revival Parish Revival Catechesis on the Mass

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Catechesis on the Mass

The Liturgy is our first and primary place of encounter with our Eucharistic Lord.

During this time of Eucharistic Revival and beyond, we encourage parishes to reconsider ways of carrying out the liturgy more reverently. The following are starting points to reflect on regarding the liturgy at our parishes. 


Sacred Space

The space where liturgy is celebrated should facilitate focus and reverence. Care should be taken so that the church is recognizable as a place of prayer. 

Eucharistic Homilies 

Priests and deacons are encouraged to focus their homilies on Eucharistic themes, reemphasizing teaching on the Eucharist and reflecting on the mystery of the Sacrament. 

Eucharistic Hymns 

Where appropriate, hymns with Eucharistic themes can ensure a reflective experience of communion. Hymns chosen for the Communion Rite should be theologically sound and should express our common belief in the Real Presence. Hymns should also be accessible and allow the faithful to join in song with ease.  

Post-communion Silent Prayer 

While hymns can help us praise God in the liturgy, we need not forget the importance of silence, especially after the faithful have received communion. Allowing for a few moments of silence before the Prayer after Communion is a great way to encourage reflection on the Real Presence of Christ. Silent prayer is vital to cultivating the interior life of the faithful, especially for children and adolescents.  

Forming Our Liturgical Lives


The Office for Worship has published a helpful video series to aid in deeper reflection on the liturgy. The series, titled “Forming Our Liturgical Lives.” Below each video you will find a link to sample questions that may be used for reflection and discussion.

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