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Eucharistic Revival Parish Revival Resources for Priests & Deacons

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Resources for Priests & Deacons

National Resources

The Mystery of the Eucharist in the Life of the Church
The 2021 USCCB document on the Eucharist, the doctrinal source text for the Eucharistic Revival. 

Priestly Renewal: Eucharistic Revival
We are excited to announce that the McGrath Institute for Church Life has prepared this free bilingual program to provide intellectual, pastoral, and practical content for priests during the first year of the Revival. 

Instructional Guide on Eucharistic Processions
This document provides guidance on the logistical aspects of planning a Eucharistic Procession. 

General Intercessions

Sample intercessions for the National Eucharistic Revival provided by the USCCB. Download 

Papal Documents 

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