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Forward with Christ Parish Offertory Giving

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Parish Offertory Giving

The SECURE program assists in connecting parishioners with their parish and opens channels for virtual and alternative offertory giving.

In order to financially sustain our parishes, the Diocese of Cleveland has developed the SECURE program – a partnership between the Catholic Community Foundation, CCS Fundraising, and each parish in the Diocese – to assist in connecting parishioners with their parish during and beyond COVID-19, as well as opening channels for virtual and alternative offertory giving. The SECURE program is a focused effort to provide real-time support in parallel with other Diocesan recovery efforts, including the Universal Offertory Program, the COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund, and any recent or upcoming Increased Offertory Programs offered through the Diocese. This program is not a campaign.

SECURE stands for: 

  • Support from the Foundation and CCS; 
  • Evaluation and triage of parish revenue and capabilities; 
  • Connection to parishioners; 
  • Utilize 
  • Resources
  • Engage the parish community.

For more information about the SECURE Program, please contact Patrick Grace,  216-696-6525 x5750. Pastors are invited to use the link below to connect to the SECURE Program web site.


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