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Diocese to refresh, update ‘Protecting God’s Children’ website

News of the Diocese

October 18, 2018

Since 2002, the Diocese of Cleveland has maintained a website, ?Protecting God?s Children,? that offers information and resources relating to diocesan policies regarding the safety of children and standards of conduct for ministry. There is a link to the site above the banner on the diocesan home page.

The Protecting God?s Children site also contains information about clerics who since April 2002 have been placed on administrative leave, removed from ministry and/or laicized as a result of allegations of sexual misconduct with minors, regardless of when the abuse is alleged to have occurred. The first of such listings was posted in April 2002, and there have been numerous updates since then. This information can be found by clicking on the ?News and Notices? line in the index on the left side of the page.

Work is under way to convert the information into a list format that will be easier to read. A review is also being conducted to ensure that the information is comprehensive and includes the names of those clerics, whether living or deceased, who we can determine were removed from ministry prior to April 2002 as a result of allegations of sexual misconduct with a minor.

Since the adoption of its ?Policy for the Safety of Children in Matters of Sexual Abuse? in 2003, the diocese has been committed to immediately reporting all allegations of sexual abuse of minors by a cleric to both civil authorities and the diocesan Review Board and to ensuring that credibly accused clerics are removed from ministry.

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