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Keeping the Faith - Resources

As the Keeping the Faith strategic plan to strengthen Catholic education continues to unfold, a series of videos has been released to help explain specific aspects of the initiative.

The videos below include:

  • Keeping the Faith Introductory Video
  • Parish Involvement
  • Academic Excellence
  • Leadership & Talent

Learn more about Keeping the Faith

Watch the Keeping the Faith video that introduces the initiative.

Parish Involvement

This video delves into the new requirement that all parishes, whether or not they have a school, get involved with supporting a school and presents various options for involvement.

Academic Excellence

Parents who send their children to Catholic schools have high expectations for the level of academic excellence our schools offer and our students achieve. This video outlines how the Keeping the Faith strategic plan will prepare schools to focus on standards-based curriculum, high-quality instruction, performance assessment and school culture.

Leadership and Talent

Ongoing development of the skills and talents of our school leaders and aspiring leaders is a key component of the strategic plan. This video reviews the many aspects involved, from centralizing the recruiting and hiring process, to onboarding new leaders, to supporting pastors and principals so they are set up for success.

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