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Letter from Frank O'Linn

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

On behalf of all who contributed, it is a privilege to present the Keeping the Faith strategic plan to strengthen the system of elementary Catholic education throughout our diocese. Grateful for our past, aware of our present and filled with hope for our future, we have collaborated to produce this effort, summarized in the pages that follow, in order to establish high expectations for the future and to provide a roadmap for achieving them.

It is an ambitious vision for this ministry, which will require all of us to collaborate and to grow in order to accomplish it. Together we will rely on the gifts of the Holy Spirit, especially the gift of wisdom, to seek truth and recognize God at work in our ministry, and the gift of fortitude, for courageous action and “constancy in pursuit of the good.” (CCC 1808) Let us take up this good work together as disciples with hope to bring for the future of our schools, our students, our families and our Church.

Yours in Christ,
Frank W. O’Linn, Ed.D.
Secretary of Education and Superintendent of Schools

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