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Offices Catholic Education Keeping the Faith Task Force Members

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Task Force Members

The task force is made up of a diverse group of 49 individuals, plus 9 Diocesan staff liaisons, including 22 members who are either current or past parents of Catholic school pupils (37%), 15 clergy and religious (26%), 15 current and past Catholic school employees (26%), and 12 business and nonprofit leaders (21%). The members serve throughout all 8 counties of the diocese and beyond, and 53% are male, 47% female, and 8% racial minority, with 23% from institutions that mainly serve historically underserved populations directly.

Steering Committee Members:

  • Fr. John Betters, Pastor, Sts. Robert and William Parish, St. John of the Cross Parish
  • Ed Vittardi, Principal, St. Albert the Great School; Head of St. Albert the Great at Assumption Academy
  • Frank O’Linn, Ed.D., Superintendent of Schools
  • Tracey Arnone, Associate Superintendent
  • T.J. D’Agostino, Ed.D., Education Professor, University of Notre Dame
  • Patrick Grace, Executive Director, Catholic Community Foundation
  • Fr. Don Oleksiak, Vicar General and Moderator of the Curia

Task Force Members

  • Bernot, Michele Catholicity
  • *Buehner, Amy Marketing/Communication
  • Cinadr, Lisa Leadership
  • Congelio, Steffany Data and Information Sharing
  • *Corrigan, Diane Leadership
  • Dailey, Don Finance (Diocesan Finance Council Liaison)
  • Dallavis, Christian Governance
  • Deemer, Annie Data and Information Sharing
  • *Dougherty, Katie Leadership
  • Embacher, Scott Leadership
  • *Estok, Fr. Ed Data and Information Sharing
  • Fullerman, Lindsay Marketing/Communication
  • Furmick, Angela(Angie) Finance
  • Gadson, Portia Marketing/Communication
  • Goodfellow, Fr. Scott Finance
  • Gore Marita, Catholicity

* indicates committee chairperson

  • Gusdane, SND, Sister Jacquelyn Governance
  • Haneline Katherine Governance
  • Harley, Deacon Matt Catholicty
  • Heller, Kristan Catholicity
  • Ingleright, Teri Finance
  • Keefe, Kelly Leadership
  • Klingshirn, Richard Finance
  • Klonowski, Fr. Kevin Catholicity
  • Krivanka, Rick Data and Information Sharing
  • Laurenzi, Dave Leadership
  • *Lester, Suzanne Data and Information Sharing
  • Litwinowicz, Deacon Tom Data and Information Sharing
  • Marrero, Marixa Leadership
  • Martinak-Movshin, Dorothy (Dottie) Finance
  • McCafferty, Friel Lisa Catholicity
  • *Pacetti, Augie Catholicity
  • *Previte, Fr. Joe Finance
  • Price-Smith, Jessica Leadership
  • Pytel, Al Governance
  • Scheel, Ryan Marketing/Communication
  • Schroer Jr., Gerald (Jerry)Governance (Catholic Community Foundation Board Liaison)
  • *Schultz, Fr. Patrick Catholicity
  • *Serger, Chris Marketing/Communication
  • Shuman, Joseph Finance
  • Straffen, Patrick Marketing/Communication
  • *Straub, Jerry Finance
  • Suso, Fr. Anthony Governance
  • Updegrove, Eileen Catholicty
  • *Valencheck, Fr. John Governance
  • Wilkinson, Matt Marketing/Communication

Diocesan Liaisons

  • Beckstrom, Dennis Finance
  • Blakeley, Mary Ann Leadership
  • Fishburn, Nancy, Marketing and Communications
  • Gardiner, Vincent Governance
  • Gulick, James Finance
  • Heskamp, Brian Governance
  • Hummon, Deñe Marketing/Communication
  • McBride, Tom Data and Information Sharing

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