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While the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland Archives is not a public institution and the records it holds are not public records as defined in civil law, the Archives strives to make available as much material as possible for researchers. Prospective researchers are encouraged to make requests for holdings, and may do so by filling out the form below or by contacting the Archives. The online form is the preferred contact method. We are unable to accommodate requests for in-person research of a genealogical nature.

For Genealogy Requests, contact Kathy Scafidi (216-696-6525, x3450)

For All Other Research Requests, contact Emily Ahlin (216-696-6525, x1270)

For a Sacramental Record or a School Transcript, please fill out the appropriate form by following the links.

Generally speaking, the vast majority of our holdings is paper, although we also have photographs, AV material, blueprints, scrapbooks, and various liturgical items and Sacred Objects. Our holdings fit into the following categories:

  • Working files of our Bishops

  • Diocesan Offices

  • Diocesan Publications, such as the Catholic Universe Bulletin

  • Closed parishes

If you think it might be here, it could be - never hesitate to reach out and ask!

Additionally, we recently began inputting finding aids into the OhioLINK Finding Aid Repository. To see the ones submitted by the Archives, click on the drop down arrow for "Limit by Institution" and select "Catholic Diocese of Cleveland Archives." Check back often for new ones to be added! 

Archive Inquiry Form

We reserve the right, in accord with archival ethics, as well as applicable civil and canon law, to refuse access to certain collections that have been deemed restricted by their department of origin, donor agreement, the Chancellor, or the Bishop of Cleveland.

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