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Papal Blessings

Papal blessings commemorate special occasions as well as their anniversaries. Papal blessings are now requested directly from Office of Papal Charities, not via the local diocese.  

You can learn about and request Papal Blessings at the website of the Office of Papal Charities in the Vatican City State. From March 10, 2019, requests will only be accepted in person at the Vatican or via the online form; mailed or faxed requests are not possible.

For some types of blessings, you will need to declare that the recipient(s) of the blessing:

  • is/are Catholic
  • is/are living a Christian life in accordance with the faith and with Catholic morals;
  • does/do not belong to non-Catholic religious groups or associations or organizations that are publicly opposed to the Catholic Church;
  • does/do not cohabit; is/are not married exclusively civilly; or divorced and remarried exclusively civilly
  • is/are not under any canonical penalty legitimately applied or declared;
  • does/do not hold public office or public roles.

If you require a nihil obstat from the Diocese of Cleveland, please complete this form.

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