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Office for Senior Deacons

The Office for Senior Deacons collaborates with the Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland and the Office of Secretariat for Clergy and Religious to offer a ministry of services to the senior deacons within the diocese. 

Senior deacon status is reached at the age of 65, in which deacons who remain in good standing, may continue their ministry and service to the Diocese of Cleveland, with the permission of the bishop, whether active or retired.  The senior deacon community as well as the widows of deacons, gather throughout the year for spiritual, educational and social interaction.  Communication to the diocese administration regarding health, illness, ministry or concerns should be directed through this office so that proper response can be made from the Vicar for Clergy, which is the director of all deacons in the diocese. 

Illness/Death Notification

If a deacon is hospitalized, in poor health, undergoing a procedure or has died, please contact the Secretariat Support

A deacon is responsible for submitting his funeral plan to the Chancellor's Office to be put in his permanent file. 

If a parent, wife or child of a deacon dies, the Bishop's Office should be notified so that the diocesan community may be informed.  Please contact the Secretariat Support

Continuing Education

Each deacon has funds available from his current assignment to be used for retreats, education and spiritual needs.  Retired deacons may recieve this from the parish or institution from which he retired. 

Letter of Suitability

If a deacon travels outside of the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland to exercise a form of ministry, a Letter of Suitability is needed.  Please complete the online form that is directly submitted to the Office of the Vicar at least one month prior to the requested date. 

Away from Assignment 

If a deacon will be away from his assignment for up to 30 days or more, the Office of the Vicar must be notified.  Please email the Secretariat Support

Deacon Life Committee

The purpose of the Deacon LIfe Committee (DLC) is to assist the Secretariat for Clergy and Religious with ministerial and personnel services for deacons serving the diocese with the Director of Ongoing Formation of Clergy.  

The committee serves as an advisory group to the Secretary and the Vicar, who in turn works with each department director.  The group meets four times a year. 

The committee is chaired by the Vicar for Clergy with Ex-officio members: the director of Ongoing Formation of Clergy, Director of Diaconal Fomration and the Delegate for Senior Seacons.  The group also has one deacon from various years of service that serve a two-year term.  One wife of an active deacon is also appointed membership. 


To contact the Office for Senior Deacons, click on a name below to email. If a deacon has a change of address or phone number, please contact Secretariat Support. 

Director: Deacon Edmund Gardias

Secretariat Support: Christina Harrison

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