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Below are the statistics of those in ministry in the Diocese of Cleveland as of 9 May 2023:

405 Total Priests

Total Diocesan, Religious Order and Extern Priests serving and/or residing in the Diocese of Cleveland.

206 Diocesan Priests in Active Ministry

204 Diocesan Active and 2 Released from Diocesan Assignment

94 Diocesan Priests who are Retired

12 Other

(5 Administrative Leave, 6 Leave of Absence, 1 Priest Prayer & Penance)

75 Religious Order Priests

70 Religious Order Active and 5 Religious Order Retired

18 Extern Priests

(Priests studying or living in the Diocese who are not incardinated)
(10 Extern Active and 8 Extern Retired)

301 Total Diocesan Priests

206 Diocesan Active and 94 Diocesan Retired

200 Total Deacons

Total Permanent Deacons serving and/or residing in the Diocese of Cleveland.

118 Diocesan Deacons in Active Ministry

112 Diocesan Active and 6 Released from Diocesan Assignment

69 Diocesan Deacons who are Retired

9 Extern Deacons

1 Extern Active and 8 Extern Retired

1 Religious Order Deacon

3 Other

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