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Video Streaming

Video streaming offers parishes and schools a unique way to connect with the faithful online.  From Masses and prayer services to special events and more, online streaming can expand the reach of your liturgical and special events.

How to livestream...

Before lighting up a livestream, it is important to set up a plan.  The following questions should be considered:


Does your church/venue have internet access?  Is it a hard-wired connection or wireless?  While it is possible to stream over a wireless connection, a hard-wired network connection is optimal.

Can your network provide enough speed to stream a video signal?

Streaming Service

In order to get your video from your church or venue to your website or social media platforms, you need a service to capture that signal, convert it for transmission and send it to your final destination.

There are companies and websites that provide streaming services.  The cost is dependent upon the service level requested (frequency, quality, etc).  Each company have their own network, camera and format requirements.  They can also send feeds to multiple places.  For example you can you send your stream to your website and also your Facebook page.  The diocese uses Boxcast for their streaming service.  

In addition, social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube also provide the ability to feature live video on their platforms.  Generally, there is no cost to stream directly to social media, however there may be limits on time, source and quality. 

Video Cameras

Camera technology runs the full spectrum of features.  While a simple video camera found at a local electronics store may be sufficient for a simple stream, a more professional quality camera may have a variety of features that may make an improvement in your stream.

  • Zoom - 20x, 30x, optical, digital
  • Format - 720, 1080, 4K
  • PTZ (Pan, Tilt Zoom) - camera that can be controlled via remote or network app
  • Camera Output (i.e. HDMI, SDI, network)
  • Audio Input (see below)


One challenge in video streaming is capturing audio. 

  • Does your church/venue have the abilty to provide an audio feed for your stream? 
  • Do you need an additional audio system to provide audio to your stream?
  • Can you feed the audio into your camera? How does audio feed into your camera?


Does your stream contain music, video or other content that might be protected by copyright?  Liturgical publishers can provide the proper licensing for sacred music.  To obtain copyright for other protected works, contact the content creator or publisher.

Website/Social Media

  • Are you embedding your stream on your website? Social media? Both?
  • How does your website handle the video?

Additional Questions/Features

Switcher - to provide a multiple camera stream, a switcher is needed to switch from one camera to another.

Graphics - elevate your live videos with the use of graphics.  Some streaming services provide features to insert graphics, while some switchers allow for graphics to be added with its interface.

The diocesan communication office can offer feedback/consulation on your parish or school website and/or vendors for services.  Please note that the office does not offer services for streaming your lituriges or events.  Contact Jeff Stutzman, manager for digital strategy, for more information.

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