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A parish's or school's website is often the first place someone may look to find more information.  A well designed website can make a great first impression, while a poorly designed one can frustrate or turn off a prospective parishioner or parent.

Some basic questions for for your website might include:

  • Who are the people (your audience) who visit your website?
  • How easy is it for a visitor to find the information they need?
  • What information are visitors looking for (i.e. Mass times, directions, bulletin, contact info)?

To launch a website, you need:

  • Domain name (i.e.
  • Web server - the space that hosts the website files
  • Platform - the software that runs the website
  • Webmaster - the person who maintains the website

There are many companies that provide a wide range of services from design, hosting, maintenance and more.  Some parishes or schools may require a full-service company while others many only need the basics if they have personnel that can maintain their site.  

The diocesan communication office can offer feedback/consulation on your parish or school website and/or vendors for services.  Please note that the office does not offer services for creating and maintaining websites.  Contact Jeff Stutman, manager for digital strategy, for more information.

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