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Facility Survey & Assessment and Five-Year Capital Plan

The Facility Survey & Assessment is designed to provide a report encompassing the inventory of major fixed assets, type of construction and current condition of diocesan real estate. 

The goal of the physical inspection of the plant is to provide a clear, comprehensive, unbiased focus on the major building components of each campus.  The scope is narrowed to identifying significant campus-wide conditions with regard to physical state and operational usefulness and safety. 

Each assessment highlights five major fixed asset categories:  Exterior, Interior, Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing, Roofing, and Life Safety. The intention is to provide a practical and meaningful report that identifies the essential operational maintenance issues and a Strategic 5-Year Capital Plan for major capital repairs, replacements and upgrades. This Plan designates by year, specific projects that need to be completed which will allow for proactive property management. These capital plans contain the current recommendations as well as known costs, and an inflationary factoring in the future cost projections.

Five-Year Capital Plans address budget estimates for the following:

  • Life Safety
  • Environmental (based on visual identification of Asbestos Containing Materials)
  • ADA Accessibility
  • Exterior Envelope
  • Interior
  • M/E/P (visual assumptions only)
  • Roof
  • Site (paving, storm, etc.)

Performed by our office at no cost to you, the Facility Survey & Assessment can be a helpful tool to identify future capital needs.

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